Up & Coming at Gallery Cafe...

As our business expands, we continue to expand our options for existing clients & customers...

Please contact the Chef/Manager at your local Gallery Cafe location to discuss our ever-expanding organic, gluten-free & vegan menu options, as well as our evolving catering program.  We are always happy to discuss your needs and customize an event for both new & existing clients!

Gallery Cafe @
206 carnegie center
Chef/Manager: Peter Trump/Luis Barrios @ 609 734 0074
Gallery Cafe @ 100 college road west
Chef/Manager: Henry Barrios & Erwin Rodriguez @ 609 520 8900

Gallery Cafe @ 1100 campus road
Chef/Manager: Peter Trump/Milton Gramajo/Viola Williams @ 609 951 4290

Gallery Cafe @ 104 morgan lane
Chef/Manager: Peter Trump/Juan Hernandez @ 609 951 4290

If you are interested in acquiring Gallery Cafe services for your corporate facility...
Please contact the Chef/Owner directly to discuss your corporate & catering needs as a new client!

Gallery Cafe @
206 carnegie center
Chef/Owner: Holly Trump @ 609 734 0074

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