* Domestic & imported cheese display/toast
* Chilled shrimp Old Bay & bloody mary dipping sauce
* Spicy tuna rolls with wasabi spiked tamari dipping sauce
* Chicken sate with spicy peanut sauce
* Sweet & sour meatballs with & herb demi glace
* Bruchetta of fresh mozzarella, local tomato & virgin basil oil
* Oatmeal crusted chicken with honey mustard sauce
* Fillo with crab & brie
* Vegetable spring rolls
* Thai money bags
* Skewers of sharp prosciutto, sharp provolone, sundrieds & roasted red pepper vinaigrette
* Mini crab cakes with Louisiana remoulade
* Quesadilla’s of peppejack, salsa cruda & avocado crème fraiche
* Quiche of saffron roasted vegetables & feta
* Chicken & duck pate with macadamia nut & mixed fruit chutney
* Roulades of smoked turkey, fontina & hot red pepper mayonnaise
* Teriyaki beef skewers with toasted sesame
* Almond crusted brie bites with hot raspberry dipping sauce
* White corn chips with salsa cruda & lump crabmeat queso
* Mushrooms stuffed with Danish bleu cheese & leek
* Tomato fillo cups with charred asparagus & havarti dill

* All Items will be set for service/linen
* We will supply all chafing racks & serving utensils

Gallery Cafe - PO Box 3202, Princeton NJ 08543