I recently  visited the Gallery Cafe located at 206 Carnegie center in the Covance Building. I was so compelled to write about my visit and I found no better way than  this. My experience there was more than amazing, literally. It wasn't my first  time there, and every time I go there I get greeted by a super friendly staff. They make my lunch such a relaxing and cheerful experience, hence refreshing  the rest of my day. I would like to congratulate you for having such wonderful  people working for the company. Also, the wraps I have had there are most  likely the best I have ever had. I hope you can let them know how they send  many satisfied customers from their cafeteria and how one person who comes  there once can never think of a better place to go to. Please let me know if there is also somewhere or someone else I should notify about their great customer service…

Gallery Cafe Crew, Thank you so much for your time, guidance, and talent this past Tuesday. The open  house went incredibly well! We were thrilled with the final product! You guys are the best!

Gallery Café, Thank  you so much for providing lunch items for our special event. The participants truly loved the food. We couldn't have had this event without your support. I hope to work together again next year!

Hi Holly, I  just want you to know that our pizza lunch yesterday was a big success. Everyone loved the pizza and Mike suggested a Caesar salad. It was great. You've really got a good guy in Mike. He is always positive and helpful and  wants to make sure we're happy. It’s a pleasure to interact and work with him to get the end result that works best.

Holly, I  want to send you and your team my sincerest thanks for all your efforts towards  a great party. My son's smile on his big day means the world to me and you and  your staff certainly assisted greatly in this regards.  We are certainly enjoying the leftovers at home. A million thanks!

 Hi Holly, I  wanted to thank you for such a great job yesterday with your healthy cooking  demonstration.  Everyone enjoyed it and I've gotten some great  feedback.  The salmon and chicken were delicious and you made it all look  so easy.  I especially enjoyed seeing people take notes as you described  what to do!  At long last, your instructions have given me the courage I  need to start cooking fish...I actually bought a piece of Coho salmon on the way home last I just have to get the salsa going...

Holly, It  was a pleasure to work with you on the “My Fair Lady” reception. When traveling  from my home office in Manhattan, with such a diverse pick of caterers to our  Princeton location, I did not know what level catering service I could expect.  Everything was wonderful!!  Thanks for all your hard work behind the  scenes and for making my job so easy.  I look forward to working with you again in the future…

Mike,Thanks  for coming up with the cake on such short notice for our Cranbury location.  Everyone loved it…

Holly  & Staff, Thank  you so much for catering my dad’s “celebration of life” party.  Because of  the wonderful job you all did, my mom and I were able to enjoy our guests and that helped make the day more memorable.  Everyone was so nice and kind, it was a pleasure to have you all there. Thanks again for all your hard work…

Holly,Thank  you for everything you did to make our open house event in Ewing a success.  I have never worked with such an outstanding company in the catering business.  Everyone works so well together that it seemed to just flow.  From the time I arrived until I left at the end of the evening, I felt totally relaxed letting all of you handle the event.  I will always  look to you for all of my careering needs in the future.  Once again thank  you for all you did…

Holly & Gang, Thank you again for the amazing food and service on the 26th.  Everything was PERFECT! 

Holly, Thank you so much for making my daughter’s first Holy Communion so special.  We received so many compliments on the food and your professional staff. This  was one of the best days of our lives and we want you to know how much we  appreciated all the attention you paid to every detail. Best wishes to  all of you…

Holly, Just wanted to let you know that I have a client who comes from Chicago to our Princeton office once every other month. He always hopes he will be here on the day you serve salmon as the entrée in the café.  He wanted me to let you know that the Hyatt Chicago is right around the corner from his office and the salmon there does not even compare…

 Mike  & Staff at Gallery Café, Thank you so much for the last minute bail out a few weeks ago at our Princeton office. The luncheon meeting for my 20 guests with our scheduled caterer was on course for disaster. We learned a big lesson that day that “you get what you pay for”. This was surely not the impression we wanted to relay to our guests about our company…

Staff  at Gallery Café,
…my staff was very impressed with the food for our Ewing office and asked repeatedly where I ordered from…

Hi Holly, Mike  and his crew did a FANTASTIC job with the luncheon we had today.  Everybody was raving about the food and asking me who catered it...and they  came through when my VP asked me to invite 16 additional attendees at the very  last minute!  No complaints at all...just springing into action to get it  done!!...WONDERFUL...I just want to thank you and them for making our luncheon a great success!!...great job!!

Holly, You  really outdid yourself last night. We had our Womanspace Board meeting again, and the food was fantastic!!  I was  unbelievably grateful when I got there and saw your wonderful culinary treats!

Holly, Everything was FANTASTIC!  We always get so many compliments on your  staff and your food...we wouldn’t think about using anyone else.

Thanks, Holly!  Everyone was raving about the food- most  people commented about the last Open House, too- and how they were happy to  have the same high quality at this event. Thank you again for all of your hard work!

Holly, I just wanted to say thank you again for your fantastic donation for Brunch at Home.  Not only do we appreciate the  donation (of course) but we have had rave reviews on the quality and taste.  You were the highlight of the basket!

Holly, Thank you very much for the “special” catering menu yesterday.  Everyone LOVED the food and there was not one  crumb left!  …everything was great and it was all displayed beautifully…

Holly, Once again Mike is saving me…he took care of the last minute very appreciated!!

Holly, I had your ZenCrust pizza for lunch and  loved it.  I had the salad with the dressing that you sent and loved that as well.  You’ll have to expand to South Jersey so I can eat in one of  your galleries.  Thanks for great food!

Sammy, Thanks so much for putting together such a phenomenal lunch for us today. Everyone was incredibly impressed with the spread and couldn’t believe it...I’m totally obsessed with the banana smoothie and am going to be making a special trip to see you every day from here on out to pick one up! Thanks so much!

Sammy, Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for  a fantastic lunch yesterday.  So many people came up to me just to say how  delicious everything was.  You and your staff are awesome!!  A special thanks to Jackie for replenishing the  salads, drinks, etc. during the lunch.  Please  tell everyone how much we enjoyed the lunch … THANKS!!!

Hello Holly, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what fabulous people you have working in the Gallery Café here. Vi, Bladen and Will are all so amazingly helpful and accommodating, that I am not sure how we would be able to function without them. We frequently  have large meetings and clients visiting our office and Vi always makes sure  that they are well taken care of. Even on a moment’s notice, the group  downstairs is always on point. The fast service and attention to detail is  commendable to be sure, but the fact that the food is always delicious and  beautiful is a definite plus! Vi, Bladen and Will make my job so much easier, even when I am making their job more hectic. I don’t know what I would do  without them, and I think you deserve to know that you have fantastic people  making your business look good…

Mike...Just wanted to tell you that everyone raved about today's giant, deconstructed Cobb Salad! It was a huge hit!! The ELT (executive level team) loved it!!! Just wanted to remind you how great you guys are! ...Thanks!!!

Mike, I wanted to take this time to thank you for an outstanding  catering event. It was just what we had in mind and we have received many compliments. Please thank your staff for a job well done!

Mike, Your service and food was A+ as usual, not factory made.  Everyone enjoyed their lunch!  Thanks!

Holly, It was a huge success! How they loved the food and the display…your crew again was amazing, as always…Mike is simply the best! Thanks!

Holly,The entire layout was fantastic and I  have heard nothing but rave reviews about the food, the décor, everything!  Thank you so much, it is why I am still a loyal  customer!  Thank you again!

Holly, Too often people take things for  granted.  I want to be sure that you know how much we appreciate all that  Gallery Cafe does for us! The food and service provided rivals that of major  hotels.  There is always a nice variety of foods that are accommodating to  various tastes and dietary restrictions.  The presentation of the food at  the break services makes us feel like we are at a 5 star hotel.  I hear  all the time from the attendees that the food is not only delicious but it is  visually appealing and often times the displays look “too good to eat”. I  also want to thank your staff for being so friendly.  They all are  very polite and professional when interacting with any of (our) personnel.  Thank you for all you do!

Sammy, I  wanted to once again thank you for going above and beyond…Everyone complimented  the dinner and desert (and coffee!!).  Your efforts were sincerely  appreciated!

Hello  Holly, Thanks  for everything.  Food was a big hit, and the guys who brought the food  over were great.

Holly…Everyone is raving about the food  and presentation last night!  Thank you  so much for once again providing us with exceptional service…they totally destroyed (in a good way) the desserts…there wasn’t a scrap of food left at the  end of the evening. Thank you, thank you,  thank you !

Holly, Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for a wonderful day.  Everything was great.  Everyone raved  about the food and how friendly your staff was.  Sammy was especially  attentive to my mother who had a grand time.  Thank you again for such a special  day.

Holly, Just wanted to let you know that both lunches you did...were fabulous and got a lot of rave reviews!  Thanks for taking such good care of us.

Hi Holly,The desserts and salads today were spectacular!  Thanks so much.

Dear Holly, I just wanted  to take a moment…to reflect on the outstanding job Gallery Cafe has been doing for our  department…the food and choices were incredible!

Holly, Everyone loved the food!  Our team  was quite pleased with the variety and display … thanks again!!

Sammy, Thanks for the excellent service and  food you and your team provided our workshop!

Sammy,  I wanted to thank you for all your help during our International celebration.  As always you are a pleasure to work with and go above and beyond to help!!

Holly, Thanks for a terrific event yesterday. Everything was great and we were beyond pleased with you and your staff. I know our leadership felt the same way. Please give each of them our thanks for a tremendous effort!

Holly, Thank you all for last night. Our employees are already hitting the leftovers and I thank you for the extra time that took for your staff. You guys were great......Everyone raved about the food and the service. Set up and break down were painless for us, and I sure appreciated that. It all looked just as wonderful as it tasted!!!!

Holly, I received such glowing comments on the food and set-up yesterday for our event!  The attendees enjoyed the food and drinks provided – we had only crumbs left over!  They were very impressed. It was a pleasure working with you...Thank you!

Holly & Staff, Just want to say thank you.  I truly appreciate you ALWAYS being willing and able to cater to us, even at the last minute.  You’re the BEST!

Thank you Holly! ...Nothing but great reviews, the food was great and you guys are always wonderful to work with...The set up was perfect!

Another TRIUMPH for the Gallery Café!  Today’s chicken was like eating out at a fancy restaurant whilst remaining in my cube!  Thanks so much for also always taking note of my low carb requests.

I had one of the most AMAZING experiences yesterday at Gallery Cafe. I had never eaten at Gallery Cafe so I was unaware their lunch ends at 2 pm. I showed up on my lunch break at 2:05 pm to a locked door, I knocked on the kitchen door to see if there was anywhere they could suggest me to go grab a quick bite to eat. A lovely lady name Viola told me to come on in so I didn't starve. She took the time out of her day to help me, which is very rare in this world. I can only hope that her kindness rubs off on others! Thank You again Viola!! Can't wait to go back!!

Dear Holly, Once again you and your staff did a phenomenal job…when I stated below to ‘surprise us’ today with whatever you felt like doing for lunch I did not expect such a wonderful spread. You made me look like the superstar with my SEC member…THANK YOU…but I did tell them it was all you!!! Wanted to also let you know that the taco bar was a huge hit. This was the first time most of them experienced this as a lunch option and already I’ve had a request to have it for an event that I organizing in August. I come from a catering background so I usually stress about the meal portion of these workshops but with your assistance I always know my team will always be well taken care of. Thank you again for the wonderful service!

Holly, Sending a note of thanks and gratitude to you and the café staff for all the hard work everyone put into our party yesterday. I heard positive feedback from many people on how good the food was, and how smoothly everything went! They loved that the lines moved fast and really enjoyed the chicken.The staff, as always, did an incredible job of keeping things moving and providing fantastic service. We’re lucky to have such a great team here! Thank you all so much--we really appreciate it!

Holly, I wanted to utilize this opportunity to express our appreciation and would like to wholeheartedly thank and acknowledge Henry for his continued support in all our catering needs, but more importantly the quality of service he provides, which is outstanding, the excellent quality of the food and the overall 5 star customer service he provides. He undeniably makes my job so much easier by handling all our catering needs - Great job!!!  Well done!!!!

Holly, I cannot tell you how absolutely wonderful everything was today. The set up was lovely and the food was divine. Kudos across the board for all your hard work...we were so very, very, pleased with the quality and selection of the menu you provided us today...thank you so much!

Holly and Henry, I just wanted to tell you the food and service are always excellent...I've gotten many wonderful comments from guests these last few times...Apparently we treat the VIPs better here in the US than any other office they visit...Thank you!



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