the café cooks: spaghetti squash- cut lengthwise in half, de seed, face down on sheet pan, water bath to cover ½” of squash, oven @ 400, roast until soft to touch (35min), scoop center (no skin), serve with butter s&p or alternative to pasta- classic marinara!   

the café  cooks: balsamic syrup- 1C aged balsamic vinegar in sauce pan on high heat at rapid boil for approx. 7 minutes- cool- drizzle on simple salads or proteins with virgin olive oil & cracked black pepper!

the café cooks: roasted garlic- in sauce pot add 1/4C virgin olive oil & 1/4C vegetable oil + 15 whole peeled large garlic cloves- medium heat until all sides are darker brown- remove cloves from oil- chop fine- add back to oil- refrigerate- use in sauces & dressings

the café cooks: roasted japanese sweet potato (yaki-imo- purple skin& yellow center)- rinse well & leave skin, cut lengthwise & cubeinto 1” size dices- place in mixing bowl- 1T virgin olive oil with 2 pinch seasalt & black pepper- toss- place on sheet pan & in 400 degree oven forapprox 25 minutes- crispy outside, soft to touch inside- serve as healthy snackor accompaniment!  

the  café cooks:  romanoff sauce- in mixing bowl combine 1C sour cream, ¼C orange juice, 3T brown sugar, pinch ground cinnamon, 1/8t pure vanilla extract,  stir together until smooth- great topping for fresh berries or dipping butter cookies!

the café  cooks:  roasting holland peppers-  1 yellow, 1 orange, 1 red bell pepper, place  whole & dry on lightly oiled sheet pan, roast at 400 degrees in oven  uncovered until skin is brown/black and loose, remove, peel skin under cold running water & de seed, finish with sea salt, black pepper & virgin olive oil with greens,  cheese selections, pasta or proteins or just as is!

the café  cooks:  perfect arborio rice- in sauce pot place 1c  uncooked arborio rice, add 1 & 1/2c water, 1t olive oil, pinch salt &  pepper, bring to boil, stir, cover with lid reduce to very low heat, stir  occasionally until rice has soft bite but firm center, remove from heat, sit for  5 minutes…ready to serve or mix with favorite romano cheese or pre-roasted  vegetable selection!

the café cooks:  candied walnuts- in mixing bowl place 1C raw walnuts, add 3T organic sugar, 1T water, toss until coated, set standard oven to 400 degrees, on sheet pan (lightly oiled), place coated walnuts & separate, roast for approximately 15 min or until brown with crispy sugar/candy coating…cool…toss in fruit/cheese filled salad greens or serve with any chocolate treat!

the café cooks: poaching dried fruits- in sauté pan place 1/2C of each- dried cherries, cranberries,apricot (chop) & mango with 10oz fresh squeezed orange juice, 10oz water,1/2C organic sugar & pinch of cayenne- rapid boil approx 10 min until liquid becomes glaze texture – cool - serve with cheese assortment as accompaniment or with simple vanilla bean ice cream!

the café cooks: chocolate mousse- in small sauté pan combine 1C semi sweet chocolate, 1/2C heavy whipping cream, 2 drops vanilla extract, melt on low heat until smooth, cool 10 minutes-in separate mixing bowl combine 1C heavy whipping cream, 2 drops lemon juiceand whip until stiff peaks- fold in chocolate evenly- refrigerate for 1 hour-serve with fresh berries or dark chocolate shavings!

the café cooks:chocolate ganache- in small sauce pot combine 1C milk chocolate semi sweet morsels,1/2C 40% milk fat heavy cream-warm on low heat while stirring continuously with whip until well mixed,  melted & smooth-drizzle over ice cream & berries or as a butter cookie dipping sauce!

the café cooks: roasting asparagus- pencil thins are great in the spring- remove the base of the bunch only ½ inch, cutting on the bias, evenly space on sheet pan & drizzle with olive oil, sea salt & cracked black pepper, place in 400 degree conventional oven for 12-15 minutes until softened but full color- add as a vegetable to your entrée or cool for salads with balsamic syrup drizzle!

the café cooks: fresh crispy corn tortilla’s- purchase soft tortillas from the local food market, cut into 1” triangles & loosely separate, in small sauce pot heat 2c cooking oil to 375 degrees, place 8-10 triangles in oil per batch, moving carefully in oil until crisp, remove & place on paper towel bed, sprinkle with sea salt while warm- fresh chips for dips and salsa! (we won’t give away our famous “gc” salsa cruda recipe quite yet!)

the café cooks: classic vinaigrette- in medium mixing bowl place 1T dijon mustard, ¼C red wine vinegar, pinch: sea salt, black pepper & raw sugar, whisk well, continue to whisk & slowly add ½C blended oil(75% vegetable 25% olive or better)- drizzle on raw vegetables for a marinade before grilling or over your favorite salad greens…oil & vinegar do mix…the trick is a bit of dijon!

the café cooks:caramelizing sweet spring vidalia onions- peel onion, cut in half, thinly slice, in sauté pan add 2T olive oil on high heat for 1 min, add onions, 2T raw sugar + pinch of black pepper & sea salt, high heat for 2 min, reduce to medium heat mixing well until light brown coating- add as a topping to a freshly grilled burger or chill as an addition to your favorite potato salad recipe!

the café cooks: grilled portobella mushrooms- 2 large mushroom caps, remove stems & place caps on sheet pan gills up, in small mixing bowl combine, 4T balsamic vinegar, 1T dijon mustard, 6T virgin olive oil, 1T roasted garlic, 1T fresh chopped basil, sea salt, pepper & pourover caps- start grilling gills up then flip until tender- a great “burger”with fresh mozzarella & spring arugula topping!

the café cooks: baking potatoes- russets are a great pick for this- wash skin well, coat hands with 1T virgin olive oil & coat potato, sprinkle with sea salt & cracked black pepper, place directly on oven rack with sheet pan as drip pan below, bake at 375 degrees for approx 35 minutes until soft to touch- sweet butter & another shot of s&p!

the café cooks:  summer is a great time for frizzled fresh garden herbs- in small mixing bowl place four sprigs of fresh basil (with stems), lightly coat with corn starch, in sauce pan place ¼ c blended oil & pre heat to (350), with tongs gently place basil in oil for 30-40 seconds, flip for 20 more, remove to dry paper towel- add as a twist for a crunchy edible garnish or addition to your meal!

the café cooks:  grilling summer fruits- purchase 2 semi ripe peaches, nectarines & plums, cut in ¼’s & remove pit, place in mixing bowl & toss with 1T olive oil, 1T raw sugar & pinch of sea salt, place on medium high grill skin side up for approximately 7min, turn for 3 more-remove & rest for 10 minutes to drip natural juices- add to crisp summergreens, greek yogurt or ice cream!

the café cooks:  roasting eggplant- on sheet pan spread, with paper towel, 1T blended oil, place 2 medium eggplant on sheet pan (do not coat in oil), place in 400 degree oven for approx 20 min or until soft though to touch, remove & cool, cut tip & peel back skin and remove- drizzle with your favorite virgin oil, roasted garlic, sea salt & black pepper as  asummer salad or entree addition!

the café cooks:  toasting romano cheese- on sheet pan, cover with parchment paper, spread 1C grated or shaved romano cheese & spread thin & evenly on pan,  place in 375 degree oven for approx. 15 min until golden brown in color- a great enhancement for summer salads & entrée toppings!

the café cooks:  “gc” mayonnaise- in food processor combine- 2egg yolks (caution when using raw egg with children,elderly & those at risk), 2t dijon mustard, 2t white vinegar, 2t lemon juice, 1/4t tabasco, 1/2t sea salt - start processor & slowly add1/2C blended oil- continue to blend for approx. 1 minute- chill- combine with your favorite classic summer salads!

the café cooks:  late summer basil – make pesto- in food processor place, 1c coarse chopped basil (remove large stems), 1/4c grated romano cheese, 1/2c blended oil (at least 25% olive oil), 6 cloves roasted garlic, small pinch black pepper & sea salt- process until smooth- add to favorites on the grill, pasta’s or portion and freeze for summer cravings during cold winter nights! (nut free)

the café cooks:  too many nj tomatoes…quick fresh tomato sauce-in mixing bowl core and chop coarse 6 fresh tomatoes, 15 large leaves of fresh basil, 6 large cloves of roasted garlic (chopped fine), sea salt & pepper-place in sauce pan with 6c water & stew down- toss in your favorite pasta with freshly shaved romano!

the café cooks:  autumn squash season is here- roasting butternut squash- 1 each butternut squash, knife peel skin & de-seed, cut in bite size cubes, place in mixing bowl with 1T olive oil, 2x pinch sea salt & black pepper, toss & place on sheet pan in 400 degree oven for approximately 20 minutes or until soft to touch- a great side dish or chill & add to autumn salads!

the café cooks: crispy tofu- 1 pack xtra firm tofu, remove from water, cut in ½” lengthwise slabs, in mixing bowl place 1/4c corn starch, coat front & back of tofu slabs (dusting)- in sauté pan place 1/4c blended oil, heating oil on high heat for 2 minutes- reduce to medium, place slabs of tofu in pan for approx 2 minutes & flip until crisp-add to salads or as an entrée with your favorite sauce!

the café cooks:  activating dry herb for quick sauce flavor- in a sauté pan place 1T dry rosemary leaves- place on medium high heat for approximately 20 seconds, swirling pan continuously (aroma will be noted)-remove from heat & place rosemary on paper dry paper towel- in same sauté pan create your favorite sauce adding your rosemary for an infused pungent flavor!

the café cooks:  candied ginger- 1/4C fresh ginger root peeled and minced, place in mixing bowl with 2T raw sugar & 1T water, toss well, spread evenly on parchment covered sheet pan & bake at 375 until lightly browned-add as garnish to your favorite asian dish or if you are feeling a bit queasy-  a great natural candy to settle a stomach!

the café cooks:  parmesan crusting cauliflower- autumn is a great time for this local vegetable- cut 1 medium head of cauliflower in large floret’s & place in mixing bowl with 2T virgin olive oil, 1/4C grated romano cheese,1t sea salt & pinch of black pepper- toss well & place on baking sheet-bake at 400 degrees until browned/toasted edges appear- great as a side dish or add to any salad!

the café cooks:  roasting acorn squash- 1ea acorn squash rinse, cut lengthwise, de seed & remove pulp, place on sheet pan skin side up with ½” water- bake at 350 until soft to touch- flip & drizzle with 1T olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, 2T honey and continue to bake until browned edges appear- remove and cut in large wedges for a seasonal side or chill for a great salad addition!

the café cooks: roasting yukon potatoes- 4 large yukon potatoes, hand scrub & rinse well, cut in 1”x1”cubes, place in mixing bowl, add 3T virgin olive oil, 1T sea salt, 1/2T coarse black pepper, toss well, spread evenly on sheet pan & bake at 400 degrees until brown & soft to touch- great comfort food for a cold winter’s night!

the café cooks: roasting fennel bulbs- leave 2” of stalk attached to bulb & cut bulb into lengthwise 1/8” slices, place in mixing bowl & coat in 1T virgin olive oil, sea salt & cracked black pepper, spread on sheet pan and bake at 400 degrees for approx. 20 minutes until browned edges & semi soft-add as a spark to entrees or toss into favorite winter salads!

the café cooks: roasting fresh brussel sprouts- in mixing bowl place 2 dozen fresh brussel sprouts (cut base stem & then in half lengthwise) toss in 3T olive oil, 1/2T sea salt, 1T raw sugar & pinch black pepper- toss & place on baking sheet- roast at 350 degrees for approximately 25 minutes or until browned edges & soft to touch…add as your favorite side dish or toss in winter salads!

the café cooks: toasting almonds- 1C sliced raw almonds place directly on sheet pan, bake in oven at 375 degree for 15 minutes or until browned edges- add as a crunchy flavor to your favorite salad or fresh vegetable side!...try pine nuts, walnuts & pecans as well…

the café cooks: napa cabbage is a great mild cabbage…slice fine with knife from leaf tips to corebase…add raw shavings as an extra crunch to basic mixed greens or quick sauté with any asian style sauce for a great additions to a variety of seafood and meats!

the café cooks: sundried tomato broth- 1/2C soft dry sundried tomatoes, chop in confetti size pieces- place in sauté pan with 6C water, bring to boil, add 1T roasted garlic, 6 leaves of fresh basil, sea salt & black pepper- simmer for 15 minutes- toss in and poach your favorite fresh vegetables or pasta for a lite springtime glaze!

the café cooks: spring has sprung…time to get on the grill...grilling pineapple- 1 fresh pineapple, peel, cut lengthwise and semicore each half with v shaped cut to remove dense core- sprinkle ½’s with 1T raw sugar, 2T champagne vinegar, 1T virgin oil & 1t sea salt- place on grill for 8-10 minutes per side- add to your favorite salad, vegetable selection orto your center of the plate selection!

the café cooks: charring artichokes- 1 large can of artichoke hearts packed in water, drain well, place in mixing bowl with large pinch of sea salt, black pepper & 3T virgin oil- toss in 7 large bail leaves (chopped coarse) & 1T chopped roasted garlic cloves- toss & set for one hour- place on hot grill until charred edges- add to salad greens or chop & your favorite crusty ciabatta!

the café cooks: summer infused olive oil- a great time of year to utilize your potted herbs- we suggest a buttery spice organic extra virgin olive oil- utilize your existing bottle (around 16oz)- remove 4oz of oil & add 10 fresh basil leaves with small stems, 10 leafy stalks of fresh oregano,10 whole cloves of roasted garlic, 1t sea salt- cap & refrigerate for a week- no boundaries on use!

the café cooks:  honey mustard- in a small mixing bowl place 1C organic or local honey, 1/2C dijon mustard, 1/4C whole grain mustard- mix well- baste on your favorite summer vegetables for caramelized grilling or on your grilled “center of the plate” choice including varietal meats, tofu & portobella’s!

the café cooks: summer grilling with no limits…local jersey fruits to sweet white corn- “silver queen corn”- peel back husk on ear of corn (do not remove)- remove corn silk- replace husk around ear- soak in water for 10 minutes- remove (do not shake dry) and place on medium heat grill for approx. 15 minutes- turning occasionally- remove- peel husk- add sweet butter & sea salt!

the café cooks:  sweet sundried tomato broth- chop fine ¼ of vidalia onion, place in sauté pan with 2T blended oil & 1T sugar- sauté at medium high heat until light brown, add ¼C sundried tomatoes (julienne) with 3C water, large pinch of sea salt & pinch of black pepper, lower heat & simmer for 15 minutes until tomatoes soften & broth forms- puddle under your favorite foods right off the grill!

the café cooks: make ricotta part of your pasta additions- in a small mixing bowl add 1pt part skim ricotta cheese, 2T romano cheese, 2T finely chopped fresh basil, pinch of black pepper & sea salt- prepare your favorite pasta & classic sauce- toss & set bowls & top with dollop of prepared ricotta...enjoy!

the cooks: poaching local apples- core & cut 4 red apples into bite size cubes- set aside…in sauté pan place 2C fresh apple cider, 1T cider vinegar, 1 cinnamon stick & 2T raw sugar, cook mixture on medium high heat for approximately 4 minutes, add apple cubes to sauté pan & continue to cook for additional 5 minutes…serve warm or chilled with your favorite entrée or salad!

the café cooks:  portobella mushroom crumbles…2 large caps with stems- in food processor pulse stems until confetti size & remove, break & pulse caps, place all in mixing bowl, fine chop 3 roasted garlic cloves & ¼ bunch fresh basil, toss with sea salt, pepper & 2T virgin olive oil, spread on sheet pan & bake at 400 for 12-15 minutes- add as a topping to your favorite entrée selection or pasta dish!

the café cooks:  paleo diet fans- missing your pasta…here is a great autumn substitution- spaghetti squash- 1 squash, cut in half length wise, scoop seeds, place face down on sheet pan, add water to ¼ inch of pan, place in oven at 400 degrees, bake until soft, scoop inside of squash, discard skin- add sauté of olive oil, fresh tomato, garlic & sweet basil!

the café cooks:  poaching “craisins”- sun dried cranberries- in sauté pan place 2c dried cranberries, 2c orange juice, 3c water, 1/4c raw or organic sugar, 2 drops vanilla extract- medium to low heat simmer until cranberries soften and liquid becomes glaze…add as a topping to your favorite entrée, seasonal vegetable or chill and top your favorite greens!

the café cooks: toasting coconut- on cooking sheet spread thinly & evenly 2c shredded bag coconut, bake at 400 degrees for approximately 12-15 minutes until toasted light brown- remove and cool…add as a topping to salads, fruits & bakery treats!

the café cooks: winter = root vegetables…carrots, parsnips, turnip & rutabaga…2 of each- with peeler, remove wax from rutabaga, to keep nutrients, do not peel others-scrub well…cut all in ¼# cubes- place in mixing bowl- add 3T virgin olive oil, 1T raw sugar and pinch of sea salt & black pepper- toss well & spread on sheet pan- roast at 350 degrees until soft to touch…a great side, salad topping or entrée addition!

the café cooks:  cajun blackening spice: in small mixing bowl combine- 2T paprika, 1t onion powder, 1t garlic powder, 1t dry thyme, 1t dry parsley, 1t sea salt, 1/2t black pepper & 1/4t cayenne pepper- lightly oil and sprinkle cajun mix on fish, meats, veggies…even tofu- hot pan sear seasoned side to blacken or hot grill! 

the café cooks: asiago crusted artichoke- in mixing bowl place 1 can well drained ¼’ed artichoke hearts, 2T virgin olive oil, 1t roasted chopped garlic, 5 fresh leaves of basil chopped fine, 1/4C shaved asiago cheese & 1/4t black pepper…toss well & place on sheet pan…roast at 400 degrees in oven until browning artichoke corners & cheese appears…add as a compliment to your entrée choice, pasta or favorite salad mix!

the café cooks: crispy kale chips- 1 head of green kale, wash/pat dry & remove thick rib midsection of each leaf,  spread leaves on sheet pan…spray or coat leaves with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt…place in 300 degree oven for 15 minutes, then turn to finish & crisp…add to your favorite grain salad or as a stand alone snack!

the café cooks:  chevre goat cheese…jazz up and customize a classic log when entertaining…1- 6oz chevre log, gently remove from packaging & set aside on waxed paper sheet…in sauté pan place 1/4C sun dried tomatoes with 1C water, simmer over low heat until soft, drain liquid and fine chop, pat dry with paper towel…on sheet pan place 1/4C pine nuts, place in 375 degree oven and toast until golden brown, rough chop…place sun dried tomatoes & pinenuts on waxed paper, gently coat & roll cheese log & cover evenly, top with fresh sliced basil leaves & add your favorite crostini!!!

“the café cooks”: blistered vine tomatoes- campari tomatoes are a great choice- 6 tomatoes cut in quarters, place 1T virgin olive oil on cooking sheet pan & spread evenly, place tomatoes on pan & sprinkle with 1/4t sea salt, bake in oven at 400 degrees until skin begins to tan & dry- remove and cool to room temperature or chill…add fresh mozzarella crumbles, young basil & additional virgin oil- top with fresh cracked black pepper!

“the café cooks”:   toasted dark chili almonds- in mixing bowl place 2C whole raw almonds chopped coarse, 2t dark chili powder, 1t sugar, large pinch cumin powder, large pinch ground cinnamon, 2t sea salt, 1/2t Tabasco, 1T virgin olive oil & toss well…bake in 400 degree oven for approx. 15 minutes …cool & top your favorite tex-mex salads, entrée’s or even vanilla bean ice cream & flan…

“the café cooks”: crispy garlic scapes (non flowering stalks of garlic bulbs removed to increase garlic clove size)…cut three stalks in bite size pieces & place in mixing bowl, add 2T of corn starch and 1t of sea sauté high heat ½C blended oil for frying, gently place scape pieces in pan & cook until tips brown & crisp…remove and place on paper towel to drain- add to your favorite pasta dish- "save a bulb-eat a scape"

"the café cooks":  classic cole slaw- save money at the deli counter by making it fresh- thinly slice 1 medium head of green cabbage (core out middle), shred 2 meduim carrots (food process), place all in mixing bowl, add 1&1/2C mayonnaise, 1/4C white vinegar, 2T sugar (add as needed for sweetness), 1/2t celery seed, 1/2t sea salt, pinch of black pepper- mix well, cover and chill for 1hr…serve with your favorite summer grillin’!

“the café cooks”: summer grillin’ the sweet potato/yam- partial peel 3 medium sweet potato/yam skin to remove blemish marks & rinse, cut in ½” disks, place in mixing bowl with 2T virgin oil, 1/4c pure maple syrup, 1T sea salt & large pinch of black pepper- place disks on medium heat char grill turning occasionally until soft- add to your favorite dinner meal or chill and add to a summer sandwich!!

"the café cooks":  broccoli rabe sauté…don’t boil…1 bunch of broccoli rabe, cut stems ½ to ¾ way up bunch, rinse well and leave loose soaking in water…in sauté pan place 1T crushed roasted garlic, 3T virgin olive oil, 2 large pinches sea salt, large pinch black pepper…place pan on medium high heat for 1 minute…by hand, shake broccoli rabe once of water & place in sauté pan…move stems and bunches in pan & coat…cook for approx. 4min or until semi soft & brilliant green…add to your favorite meal or chill for a salad green addition!!!

"the café cooks":  shitake mushrooms- shitake’s have a unique wild mushroom flavor…1# of shitake mushroom, remove stem at base of mushroom cap & place in mixing bowl…toss with 2T olive oil, 2T rice wine vinegar, 1T tamari, 1/2t fresh ginger root (chopped fine) & pinch of black pepper…toss well…place on sheet pan & bake at 400 degrees for approx. 12-15 minutes…add to your favorite far east flair entrée, noodle dish or salad!!

"the café cooks":  broccolini sauté- is similar to broccoli but with smaller florets & longer, thin stalks…rinse & cut florets 1” below stem base, cut stems on bias in bite size pieces, in sauté pan add 2T olive oil on medium heat, add 2t of chopped roasted garlic cloves, place broccolini in pan with pinch of sea salt & black pepper, sauté until bright green & soft stems, add juice of ½ fresh lemon…a great side or addition to any pasta!

"the café cooks":  roasting anjou pears- rinse 4 anjou pears & cut from stem to base 4 slices ¼# from center stem on all sides (core with seeds will be discarded) slice large slices into bite size cubes, place in mixing bowl with 1T blended oil, 2T organic raw sugar, 1/4t ground cinnamon, small pinch cayenne pepper & 4 drops pure vanilla, toss well & place on sheet pan- bake in 400 degree oven for approx. 15 minutes or until soft but retain shape, remove & cool- add to your favorite salads, grain sides or entrée’s!!!

"the café cooks": “gc” classic cajun blackening spice- in mixing bowl combine the following dry herbs & spices- 4T paprika, 1T onion powder, 1T garlic powder, 2t sea salt, 2t thyme leaves, 2t black pepper, 1t cayenne pepper mix well, add as light rub to single side of your favorite meats, seafood or seasonal vegetable before hot pan searing…will create a blackened crisp finish!!

"the café cooks": spike up ricotta cheese- cherry pepper ricotta: in a small mixing bowl place 1C whole milk or skim ricotta cheese, drain and chop fine 1T hot cherry pepper rings (jar) & 3 cloves of finely chopped roasted garlic, mix well & set aside…add to your favorite pasta and sauce combination as a topping upon service or toss in sauce lightly before adding to your cooked pasta selection!!

"the café cooks":  winter root vegetable roast- the best time of year for this addition to any entrée, pasta or salad…2 parsnips (peel & dice), 1 turnip (rinse, trip ends & dice), 1 rutabaga (peel & dice) & 1 carrot…place in mixing bowl with 1T virgin oil, 1t raw sugar, pinch sea salt & black pepper…toss well & place on baking sheet…roast at 400 degrees for approx 20 minutes or until soft & browned edges…add this confetti mix to any basic or food savvy creation!!!

“the café cooks”:  “veggie crumbles”- add to your favorite pasta dish…yup, the burger (ie morning star etc)…grill or broil & chop-crumble into pieces…add to your final pasta/sauce creation before serving to enhance nutrients & flavor!!!

“the café cooks”:  roasting fennel bulb- one bulb with stalks, cut green stalks at base of white bulb & remove…save 2” length of green stalks from bulb base…thinly cut base of bulb off as well…cut bulb in half lengthwise & then in ¼” full slices, cut green stalks lengthwise & ¼” slices…in mixing bowl toss fennel slices with 1T virgin olive oil, large pinch coarse sea salt, pinch of raw sugar & ground black pepper…place on baking sheet & bake at 400 degrees for approx. 15 minutes or until light brown edges…add to your favorite spring salad combination or light pasta dish!!

“the café cooks”:  hand pulled croutons- put down the knife…1- 6” multi grain roll & 1- 6” ciabatta roll, break/pull bread with fingers into 1”x1” pieces & place in mixing bowl…drizzle 2T virgin olive oil, 2T grated romano cheese & 1 large pinch of the following: sea salt, black pepper, garlic powder, dry basil leaves & dried parsley leaves- toss well & place on baking sheet…set oven to 400 for approximately 12 minutes or until browned edges & crispy crunch…add to your favorite salad or accent to any snack or side dish!!!

“the café cooks”:  young rosemary & roasted garlic rub- in small sauté pan place 3T blended oil (olive oil & vegetable oil blend) with 6 medium peeled cloves of fresh garlic, place on medium heat & flip occasionally until cloves are brown & mixing bowl place 2 stalks of de-stemmed fresh rosemary leaves (slide fingers down stem to remove leaves), add 1t cracked black pepper, 1T raw sugar & 1T sea salt…add, from sauté pan, semi cooled roasted garlic cloves & oil…crush cloves with metal fork & stir…glaze raw turkey breast with mixture & set for 30 minutes then roast!

“the café cooks”:  lemon grass- add to your summer marinades- 1 stalk lemon grass cut base & top…cut lengthwise into approximately 8 strips…place in sauté pan with 3c water & pinch sea salt…slow simmer for 15 minutes…sit aside until cool…remove strips…add reduced broth to your favorite marinade for a citrus spike to all your summer grilling whims!

“the café cooks”: spicy peanut sauce- in food processor combine- 1C natural peanut butter, 2 stalk green onion, 2t fresh ginger root, 1t dry mustard, 3T tamari, 3T rice wine vinegar, 1T olive oil, 2c water, 1t red pepper flake & 1/2t black pepper- pulse process until smooth…add to your favorite summer grill creations or toss in pasta for a cool noodle side dish!!!

“the café cooks”:  ginger/tamari vinaigrette- in food processor combine…1T coarse chopped fresh ginger, 2 stalks green onion, 1T dijon mustard, 1/4C tamari (gf#) or low sodium soy sauce, 1/2C rice wine vinegar, 2t raw sugar & 1 pinch red pepper flake…start processor & slowly add 1C blended oil…use as a marinade for your favorite “grillables” including meats, seafood & veggies or dress your summer salad greens!!

“the café cooks”: champagne vinaigrette glaze for summer citrus- in sauce pot combine ½ bottle of brut champagne, 1C champagne vinegar, 1/2C raw sugar, 1/4t sea salt, pinch cayenne pepper- cook at medium heat boil until ¼ of mixture remains & cool- dice or slice citrus (peaches, plum , nectarine) & place in mixing bowl- coat lightly with glaze & splash of virgin olive oil- sit at room temperature for 20 minutes- add sea salt & cracked black pepper if desired- mix in your favorite salads or as a topping to your favorites on the grill!!!

“the café cooks”: summer BBQ is still on…spice up your classic bbq sauce…in mixing bowl add- 3C bbq sauce, 1/4C molasses, 4ea canned chipotle peppers (chopped fine with sauce) & 2T chopped fresh cilantro- mix well & sit for 1 hour to fuse flavors- fire up the grill!!

“the café cooks”: edamame (young soy bean) pods- 4C unshelled edamame…bring a medium pot of well-salted water to a boil…add beans and boil over high heat for 5 to 6 minutes...for a firmer bean, decrease the cooking time…do not cover the pot or the beans will lose their bright green color…when ready…drain beans & toss with 1/2t of sea salt…serve hot or at room temperature…a great healthy snack choice!!

“the café cooks”: crispy corn bread crumbles- follow instructions on box corn bread/muffin mix…bake as directed…when complete, crumble corn bread pieces (small crumbles) & spread evenly on sheet pan…place back in oven at 350 degrees until edges brown & toast…add crumbles to your favorite chicken, turkey or vegetable dish for a crunchy unique topping!!

“the café cooks”: haricot vert (french green bean)…these skinny green beans are a great side dish or addition to any salad…in mixing bowl  place 1# snipped (vine stem removed) beans with 2T virgin olive oil, large pinch of sea salt & black pepper & toss well…evenly spread on baking sheet…place in 375 degree oven for approx. 15 minutes or until beans are semi soft…remove from oven & sit to cool to complete cooking process (residual heat)…time to get creative!!!

“the café cooks”:  hand pulled croutons- change up the store bought box for a truly hand crafted topping…in mixing bowl place ½ stick of melted sweet butter, 1/2t sea salt & large pinch of the following: dry parsley, basil, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder & black pepper- mix well…take 3 medium size rolls (combination of pumpernickel, multigrain & ciabatta are a good mix)…hand pull each roll into 1” random pieces…place in mixing bowl & toss/coat well…spread on baking sheet pan & toast at 400 degrees until crispy brown…add to your favorite salads, soups or whim!!

“the café cooks”: mixed mini potato roast- looking for a quick starch side or salad, these cuties are on display at many grocery stores…place 2# of mixed potato (red, blue, white) in mixing bowl & rinse well- drain…place on cutting board & cut in half…place back in mixing bowl with 2T virgin olive oil, large pinch of coarse sea salt & black pepper…toss well…spread evenly on baking sheet & roast at 400 degrees until edges brown & potato is soft (approx 20 minutes)…add to your favorite entrée or potato salad creation!!!

“the café cooks”: dijon crumb crust- for chicken & fish…place 4/5oz portions of raw chicken breast or meaty fish (cod/salmon) on sheet pan, baste one side of fish with a mix of (3T dijon mustard, 1T chopped roasted garlic & juice of ½ fresh lemon)…in small mixing bowl place 1C classic panko crumbs, 1T fresh chopped parsley…firmly press dijon side of fish into panko crumbs, remove & place on sheet pan…in small sauté pan, add 3T blended oil & set on medium/high heat for 2 minutes, place fish in pan crumb down for 1 minute each & remove (place back on sheet pan)…bake at 400 degrees until fish becomes firm to touch…approx 10 minutes…add fresh lemon or whim sauce!!

“the café cooks”: caramelized stout onions- 1 medium size sweet onion, peel & shave…in sauté pan add 2T blended oil, 3T raw sugar & onions…sauté on medium high heat until evenly light brown…add 1C dark stout beer, lower heat to medium & simmer for 5 minutes…top your favorite center of the plate creation or sandwich as well as any hearty vegetarian dish!!

“the café cooks”: “cold” season is in full swing!...quick chicken soup to cure all…in stock pot place- 3C total of equal parts of raw diced carrot, onion & celery, 1 large bone in chicken breast (120z), 2qt organic chicken stock, 3qt water, 2t sea salt, pinch black pepper, 1 bay leaf, 1/2t dry dill…bring to high rapid boil for 1 hour uncovered…pull chicken breast from pot, de-bone & pull meat- place back in broth…simmer & bowl up for “feel better” soup!!

“the café cooks”:  citrus charred strawberries…in sauté pan place 1C orange juice, 2T organic sugar…bring to boil for 5 minutes then remove from heat (glaze texture)…set aside…in mixing bowl add: 1 pint of strawberries- rinsed, de stemmed and cut in halves…toss berries with orange juice glaze & add 1 pinch sea salt…pre heat char grill on high for 5 minutes…place strawberries on grill until marked well for approx. 3 minutes…remove from grill…add to your favorite salads or as a chilled addition to ice cream or sorbet!

“the café cooks”: sun dried tomato spiked goat cheese- in sauté pan place 1/2C sun dried tomatoes with 3C water…simmer on medium heat until soft, remove, cool & pat dry…chop fine & scatter evenly on sheet of plastic wrap…in addition, spread 1T finely chopped roasted garlic cloves & 1/2t of fresh cracked pepper (from mill)…place 10.5 oz log of chevre goat cheese in middle of sheet…roll log on sheet until coated…set in refrigerator for ½ hour before serving…add to your favorite cheese array or any salad, entrée or veggie dish!

“the café cooks”:  fresh avocado – from pick to prep…most avocado’s seen in the local market are guatemalan varieties with dark thick pebble skin…when choosing an avocado that is ripe & ready: skin should be evenly dark, press lightly on the skin for some give, like goldilocks & the three bears (not to hard & not too soft)…to prepare: rinse avocado, cut deep to center pit of avocado from stem to base & back to top, twist opposing halves to open…one side will hold the large pit, lightly insert center of knife in the center of pit & twist to remove…you can then slice into ¼’s & peel back the dark skin…cut into any shape or size & toss in your favourite dish!!!

“the café cooks”:  tamari…for those watching their wheat intake/gluten free & missing this great addition to salad dressings & marinades…this is the substitute for classic soy sauce…brewed from 100% soy with no wheat in site…add healthy splash of tamari  to a great vinaigrette utilizing rice wine vinegar, fresh ginger & dry mustard with blended oil…for marinades with your favourite grill whim…mix 1/2C tamari , 1/2C red or white wine, 1c water with 1T dijon mustard, 4ea coarsely chopped fresh garlic cloves & a fresh mix of garden herbs…place steaks, chops, chicken & even tofu into the marinade…wrap & chill for at least 3 hours…remove from marinade & go straight to your char grill for a tender & well seasoned summer treat!!